Seedline Bible Ministry

One of the many ways that the LORD has blessed our church is through the Seedline Ministry.  Our pastor is a graduate of the School of the Scriptures which was at one time a ministry of the First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio.  Part of the training that he received was in the production and distribution of God’s Word.  Being constantly challenged with the fact that the production of the Word was not intended to be done by the world, but by the church, he has led our church to become what the local church should be; and that is, a vital part of seeing that the scriptures are available.

Our ministry began in November 1999, and as of April, 2017 we have produced 3,130,799 scriptures in twelve different languages.  Our people are actively involved in the financial support of this ministry.  It costs us $.13 for paper for each scripture portion.

We have heard of many people coming to Christ as a result of our efforts.  There are folks who work in this ministry who could never visit a foreign field, but whose fingerprints are all over the world.  Only God himself knows the real results and he is keeping good records!

Many times missionaries are sent forth to preach the gospel to those who have never heard the WORD and the missionary is without the proper tools.  Of course the most important tool is the Word of God in the language of the people.

Working with Bearing Precious Seed, the Souls Harbor Baptist Church Seedline Ministry assembles, trims, boxes and ships free of charge to many places in the world.

Scriptures are provided to Fundamental Baptist missionaries at no charge.  If you are in need of John/Romans for your ministry then please contact us.  We would count it a privilege to help you have the scriptures needed to get more folks to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Scriptures are available in these languages:

   Albanian, Amheric, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Sranantonga, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Ukranian and Waray

   John/Romans can also be personalized for your local church.  Call about the possibility of having these produced to be used in your own soul-winning efforts.